What Are Table Scatters?

What Are Table Scatters?

Table Scatters are colorful, shaped accent pieces that can be used for many different occassions, in many differant ways.  Most commonly, table scatters are tossed loosely on to table surfaces, hence the name table scatters.  These tables range anywhere from gift tables, dessert bars, tasting booths, flea market stands, and much more.


Other Uses For Table Scatters:

Our customers do not stop at using our scatters for just tables.  They have used our scatters to include in greeting cards, balloons, and have even glued scatters to paper straws and party favor bags. 


Why Our Table Scatters?

Our unique table scatters are a great addition to events and celebrations.  We pride ourselves on our premium quality materials. Each table scatter pack is hand inspected and counted by one of our team members.  We strive for excellence and understand and appriciate that you can purchase your party supplies from anywhere, but our table scatters are made with love.